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New YOrk Elder Law Q&A

Q: Why is it important to prepare papers before I need them?

A: Because it saves money, ensures that your wishes are honored, and reduces stress placed upon your loved ones during difficult times. Many people live their entire lives without preparing a will , power of attorney , advance directives for health care, etc. as if these issues will not need to be dealt with sooner or later. Rather than spend a few hours and a relatively small amount of money when life is calm, when health or financial issues need to be dealt with, much more money and aggravation is spent. We advise all of our clients to have even the most basic documents prepared for what is the inevitable.

Q: Can I legally protect my assets?

A: Yes, in most circumstances quite easily and cost-effectively. If you have accumulated a lot or a little, what is yours can largely remain yours and your family's indefinitely - if properly planned. Many vehicles exist to shield your income and assets and this type of protection is not just for the wealthy. In fact, dollar for dollar, people of more modest means may actually benefit the most from saving what is theirs.

Q: Can I make sure my healthcare decisions are made by me or someone I trust?

A: Absolutely, through advance directives such as a health care proxy or living will . You can ensure that whoever you want acts for you when you need someone to make important health and/or end of life decisions. If these documents are not prepared in advance, very often family members fight about what they think is best or what you would want and not only can they be wrong but this is terribly stressful and can tear a close family apart. We cannot understate the importance of preparing these documents as soon as possible.

Q: Can I make sure my financial issues are taken care of?

A: Yes – easily and inexpensively. Even if you are not incompetent, you may want someone to run your finances as your agent designated in a power of attorney instrument. The laws changed late in 2009 so it is important to review your old papers or have new ones drafted so that financial ramifications do not hurt you down the road.

Q: Why is a will important?

A: Because it ensures that your wishes for your possessions are distributed after your death according to how you choose and not by how the State of New York says they should. Families tear each other apart fighting over assets and even sentimental items so even if you feel that after you are gone you don't have to care about what happens, for the sake of loved ones you should care now. In addition, the cost in terms of time and money is much higher when you pass without a will because rather than go through probate your estate must instead go through administration .

Elder Law Attorney for Long Island, Nassau, Queens and Suffolk Counties

To learn more about your particular case and your options in seeking help with your elder law needs on Long Island, or in Nassau, Queens or Suffolk, contact a Nassau County ​elder law attorney at The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. today.

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    Linda D. and Vinnie D.

  • “We get very emotional when we speak of John because he helped keep our grandchild out of the foster care system.”

    Susan Cowan, Colorado

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    Derek Tolbert

  • “I am looking forward to a holiday homecoming with my sons and family, which includes their presence at my ailing mother's 75th birthday party. John made it happen.”

    Anthony C.

  • “I was able to get an excellent Grandparent visitation settlement within three court visits, I highly recommend him.”

    Lydia Casanova

  • “He took over my case from another lawyer at my request and handled it competently, professionally, responded quickly to all my questions, and got the results we had hoped for.”

    Laura H.