Asset Protection in Long Island

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Asset protection involves highly important decisions to protect your investments, your personal assets, business endeavors, and other earnings. Should you ever find your estate at risk, either due to bankruptcy, creditors, defaulted loans, or in a lawsuit.

This form of estate planning will be especially beneificial to anyone who has significantly large assets or wealth to protect, and face the large risk of losing employment, particularly business owners. We know that many individuals and families depend on the business or their investments as the source of employment and a steady stream of income.

Sound Estate Planning & Legal Guidance

We have a variety of asset protection resources and tools that can be personalized for your particular needs and goals. For example, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are one of the ways you can safeguard your separate property, that is the property you had before you were married.

We can offer counsel for the following types of asset protection:

You have many other options at your disposal with The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. Our Nassau County elder lawyers can guide you in creating a will, planning your taxes, or develop a comprehensive asset protection plan. The route we take will depend on your particular goals, the amount of assets and properties you have to protect, and your specific needs.

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