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Nassau County Estate Administration Lawyer

What Is Estate Administration?

After a person passes their affairs must be attended to whether by pre-designated persons or by virtue of the laws of the State of New York itself under the authority of the Surrogate's Court. People who pass with a will or certain types of trusts in place leave an estate that will go through a process called "probate." Those that did not prepare this important documentation as part of their estate planning or asset protection devices leave an estate that will go through a process called "administration."

Estate administration involves the Surrogate's Court appointment of an Administrator in court papers called Letters of Administration. A public administrator will charge a fee to the estate for their services which includes gathering and accounting of assets, paying debts, and asset distribution. This process typically takes significantly longer and costs much more money than going through probate but, most importantly, it is the least likely method of satisfying the wishes of the deceased.

Estate Administration Attorney Serving Long Island & Suffolk, Nassau and Queens Counties

If a friend, family member or loved one passed away and did not leave a valid will, you may face the process of estate administration. This involves cataloging the estate and distributing assets, as well as paying taxes and debt. Estate administration may be complex and difficult to deal with, particularly after the loss of a loved one. You have the opportunity of resolving these matters swiftly and effectively with the help of an experienced Nassau County elder law lawyer.

Why Choose Our Estate Administration Attorneys?

The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. has helped steer many administrators through administration of the decedent's estate and has represented other parties to the process, including those engaged in estate litigation. Our law firm helps clients on Long Island and in Queens County, Nassau County and Suffolk County with their estate administration needs. Whether you are a beneficiary or have been named as the personal representative (administrator) of the estate, we can assist you in managing all legal and financial issues that arise.

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