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Long Island Living Will Lawyer

How to Draft A Living Will?

A living will is an advance directive, a document that permits a person to write down instructions expressing their wishes regarding health care, but more particularly about end-of life care. While a health care proxy is typically used to allow a designated agent to make decision for you at times when you are unable to make them for yourself, a critical distinction between the documents is that a living will does not specify an agent. Rather, the document expresses your own wishes about the care you wish to receive, or not receive, at the twilight of your own life. The very purpose is to take this often impossible decision out of the hands of those who do not want to make it.

As part of your comprehensive estate plan, we can help you draft a living will that addresses your wishes and concerns.

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A Nassau County elder law lawyer at The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. can help you draft a living will that is not only legally sound but that addresses your particular needs and concerns. Your decisions in regard to your health and end-of-life care are very personal. You may have strong moral, personal or religious beliefs that you would like upheld, and a living will can accomplish this for you. Our law firm represents clients on Long Island, Queens County, Suffolk County and Nassau County, assisting them in all areas of life care planning. For the personal attention and knowledgeable counsel you need, contact our offices.