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New York Will Requirements

A will (formally called a "last will and testament") is the most basic and encompassing document under the umbrella of estate planning. A will gives direction as to how you want your assets, whether modest or expansive, distributed after your passing. It allows you to select who you want to ensure that your wishes are carried out and gives you a chance to nominate a guardian for your minor children. A will gives you a voice after death.

When you die with a will in place, your estate goes through probate and your instructions are carried out by the executor you chose. Although there are many cases where estate litigation ensues, even after passing with a will in place, this is by far the least burdensome and most cost-effective way to distribute your assets.

If you are interested in drafting a will, an attorney at our Long Island law firm can help. We handle all types of estate planning, life care planning and elder law matters for clients in Long Island, Queens, Suffolk and Nassau Counties and offer a free initial consultation to help get the process started.

How Are Assets Divided Through Estate Administration?

About half of the people that die in the U.S. have not prepared a will. When you die without a will, or "intestate," the laws of New York control the distribution of your assets through an estate administration proceeding. The Surrogate's Court will appoint an administrator to oversee the process who will be paid out your estate's assets. The state may also claim your property if you have no apparent heirs. If you do have heirs, they may be forced to pay sizable taxes in order to keep the property you have left behind. The state can also appoint a guardian for your minor children, if necessary. In short, estate administration often yields negative consequences for not taking the time or investing the funds to prepare for the inevitable.

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The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. can prepare any will, from the most basic, cost-effective to the most comprehensive. No matter what type of will you require, our consistent advice is that it is always better to do something than nothing and delaying the cost today will almost always cost the heirs more at a later date.

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