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How Estate Assets Are Distributed in New York

Estate and probate administration take place once a person has passed away. The purpose of these proceedings is to distribute assets of an estate in accordance with the decedent's wishes, or in a manner that the court deems fair (if an estate plan does not exist). Family members often need the assets of an estate right away, in order to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Unfortunately, the asset distribution process is frequently complicated by laws and regulations, or disputes with other involved parties. If you are seeking the swift distribution of assets after the passing of a loved one, a Nassau County elder law attorney can provide you with assistance that may enable you to avoid any complications during the process.

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At The Virdone Law Firm, P.C., we provide skilled elder law services to individuals throughout Long Island. We help our clients address the many issues involved in estate and probate administration, including the distribution of estate assets. The ease with which you are able to obtain assets from an estate typically depends on whether the estate proceedings are uncontested, or in dispute.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your loved one's estate, our attorneys are prepared to pursue an outcome in which the final distribution of assets takes place as quickly as possible.

The Probate Asset Distribution Process in NY

The process of asset distribution after a person's death varies depending on whether or not there is a will. If a will has not been prepared, estate administration becomes necessary. When there is a will, it must be given to a court in order to be verified. Any time there is a probate or estate administration, there must be accounting done by the executor or administrator.

In both estate and probate administration proceedings, the decedent's creditors must be notified, and any outstanding debts, including taxes, must be satisfied. Once this has occurred, an executor may petition a court for the distribution of assets to the decedent's beneficiaries.

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