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What Is a "Last Will & Testament"?

A last will and testament, or "will" as it is commonly called, is a document that contains your wishes and instructions for the administration of your estate in the event that you pass away.

Through a last will and testament, you can address estate issues including:

  • Distribution of your estate - In a will, you can establish specifics regarding how your estate is distributed. You can determine the assets or property that your loved one's receive, and the time at which they receive them.
  • Appointing of an executor - An executor is a person who is in charge of the administration of your estate and the distribution of assets . You can use a will to appoint the person who will act as executor to your estate. If you fail to create a will, or name an executor, a probate court may appoint the first person who requests the responsibility.
  • Estate taxes - A well-executed will may reduce estate taxes, which can prove beneficial to your loved ones.

A skilled Nassau County elder law attorney at our firm is available to help you draft a last will & testament, or represent you in a legal matter regarding a loved one's will. Read our reviews here.

Create a Last Will & Testament on Long Island

At The Virdone Law Firm, P.C., we provide clients with a variety of elder law services, including assistance in matters relating to last wills and testament. If you require help in creating a will, we can work closely with you to ensure that the instructions in your will are clearly stated, with no room for error or interpretation. If you are attempting to resolve a probate dispute related to a loved one's will, we can take action on your behalf in an effort to secure a successful outcome to the case.

Contact a Nassau County elder law attorney for help in addressing matters related to your last will and testament, or a loved one's will.

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