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Beneficiary Rights Lawyer in Nassau County

Your Rights As a Beneficiary

In estate law, a beneficiary is one who has an interest in a person's will, or in the assets contained in a trust. If you are named as a beneficiary in a trust or will, it is advised that you contact a Nassau County elder lawyer in order to protect your rights during the probate administration process. A lawyer can ensure that you receive what your loved one has left for you, or defend your right to certain property or assets if they are in dispute.

As a beneficiary, you have a variety of rights in regards to your loved one's estate, including:

  • The right to approve or disapprove the compensation paid to the executor of the estate. If you disagree with an executor's compensation, a court will step in to make a decision regarding an appropriate amount.
  • The right to petition a court to remove an executor if you are unsatisfied with the executor's performance.
  • The right to obtain information regarding the estate's assets and accounting.
  • The right to receive your entitlements in a timely fashion.
  • The right to notification when an executor applies for probate with a court
  • The right to challenge the appointment of a prospective executor

When a will is legally created, the beneficiary is named in the directions of the document. However, if no will is created, the assets are distributed in a totem pole effect, from children, to grandchildren, to great grandchildren.

Protect Your Beneficiary Rights

At The Virdone Law Firm, P.C., one of our primary focus areas is defending the rights of beneficiaries and heirs in estate law matters. In addition to helping our clients obtain the assets or property they are entitled to, we also take steps to protect their interests in the event of misconduct or incompetence on the part of executors and trustees. If your rights as a beneficiary have been violated, or placed in jeopardy, our attorneys will pursue a resolution to the dispute that is favorable to you.

Contact a Nassau County beneficiary rights attorney who will work towards ensuring that your beneficiary rights are upheld.

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