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Probate Dispute Litigation in NY

In ideal circumstances, probate, or the administration of a decedent's estate, proceeds smoothly. Unfortunately, the probate process frequently involves dispute between the involved parties. Heirs and beneficiaries may disagree over the intent of the decedent's will, questions may be raised regarding the value of certain estate assets, or executor appointments may be challenged if it is believed than an executor is failing to properly administrate the estate. When probate disputes arise, it can become necessary to enter into litigation in an effort to resolve the disagreement.

If you are involved in a probate dispute, it is recommended that you contact a Nassau County elder lawyer at The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. Our legal team is experienced in addressing probate matters of all types. We can consult with you regarding your dispute in order to give you a clear understanding of the legal options available to you. It may be possible to resolve your issue without the need for legal action. If it becomes apparent that intervention by the court will be necessary, our firm will provide you with focused representation with the goal of securing the desired result in your loved one's probate proceedings.

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Many estate law and probate attorneys become overwhelmed when a probate matter enters into litigation. Pursuing, or defending, a probate related claim can be a complicated affair. Doing so requires legal knowledge and skill that is far different to the skill needed to navigate uncontested probate proceedings. Our firm understands the complex legal issues involved in probate litigation. Our attorney's courtroom experience will serve to dramatically increase your chances of a favorable outcome to your case. Read from our clients.

Are involved in a probate dispute that requires litigation in court? Contact a Nassau County elder law attorney who will fight for a successful resolution to your dispute.