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Involved in a Probate Dispute in Long Island?

The area of law known as probate is frequently contentious. Disputes occur in probate proceedings on a regular basis, for a variety of reasons. As probate law is complex and filled with numerous rules, many attorneys are frustrated in their attempts to represent individuals in disputes. That is why it is important to consult with an experienced Nassau County elder law attorney when attempting to resolve your probate dispute.

The Probate Process Can Lead to Disputes of All Kinds, Including:

  • Poor estate management - If an executor fails to manage a decedent's estate properly, it can lead to dispute in the form of an heir challenging the appointment of the executor and seeking to appoint a new one.
  • Creditor claims - A creditor may claim that a decedent owes money. If an executor doubts the validity of the claim and refuses payment, the dispute must be resolved in court.
  • Criminal activity - If an executor is engaged in illegal activity in regards to an estate, such as embezzling the decedent's funds for personal gain, an heir can take legal action in an effort to dismiss the executor and obtain reimbursement for the stolen funds.
  • Property disputes - If a family member of a decedent claims that certain property was given to him or her by the decedent, an executor may need to involve the court in order to establish the validity of the claim.

Resolve Probate Disputes in New York

The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. was established with the goal of providing clients with high-quality, compassionate legal assistance in elder law matters. We understand that the probate process can be difficult, and we are immediately available to consult with you regarding your dispute. We will help you work towards an outcome in which your interests, and the interests of your loved one's estate, are fully protected.

Contact a Nassau County elder law lawyer if you require legal assistance to resolve a dispute during probate proceedings.

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