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NY Health Care Proxy Laws

A health care proxy is an advance directive that allows a person (the principal) to appoint another (an agent) to make their medical decisions when—and only when—they are unable to make them for themselves. Unlike a living will which deals with end of life issues, the health care proxy is often used temporarily while someone convalesces from injury or illness. The hope is always that the health care proxy will only be needed on a temporary basis.

This is also the case with the closest relative of the health care proxy, the power of attorney which pre-designates an agent to make non-medical decisions when the principal is unable to make them for themselves. 

It is commonplace to draft both of these documents at the same time so that every matter can be addressed when necessary - especially since the agents appointed for the different issues may be different people. Additionally, we recommend that the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) medical information release form be drafted so that prior physicians in possession of relevant medical records are authorized to release such information to the agent and other medical professionals without facing liability for improper disclosure.

Nassau County Health Care Proxy Legal Counsel

If you are interested in establishing a health care proxy on Long Island or in the Queens, Nassau or Suffolk areas, an attorney at our elder law firm can help. Any accident, illness or old age may result in yourself or a loved one being unable to make health care decisions on their own. Make sure you plan for the future and do not leave important decisions up to chance.

It is important to recognize that health care proxies are not only for the elderly. Anyone can be suddenly stricken with illness or injury and it may not be obvious who they would want to make their medical decisions. Loved ones often hotly contest another's qualifications or rights to act. The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. offers comprehensive solutions to address all of our Long Island clients' concerns regarding the delegation of authority in times of need.

Contact a Nassau County attorney at our law offices to discuss your case. 


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